Hey, are you looking for a kick-ass designer?

If so, look no further.

Meet sam 👋
Who? 👽 Sam is a Product Designer born and raised in Detroit, MI. She/Her.
What?  🤔 Sam designs exceptional user experiences for everything from small businesses to Enterprise SaaS products.
Where?  📍San Francisco Bay Area 
Why?  🤷‍♀️ She has a passion for design thinking, accessibility, user research, and creative problem solving. She's a master of none, always helping and learning in any way possible.
When? 🗓 Sam is currently available for work! Drop her a line @ the bottom of this page!
Her Tools:
Sam enjoys playing with the hot new software and is quite the quick learner. Her favorites are:
A wee bit of her work:​​​​​​​
Don't be shy!
Reach out by using the form below or emailing at sam.scislowicz@gmail.com
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